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    Canadian Political Science Association
    2018 Annual Conference Programme

    Politics in Uncertain Times
    Hosted at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan
    Wednesday, May 30 to Friday, June 1, 2018
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    Presidential Address
    - The Charter’s Influence on Legislation -
    - Political Strategizing about Risk -

    Wednesday, May 30, 2018 | 05:00pm to 06:00pm
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    Departmental Reception
    Department of Politics and
    International Studies

    Sponsor(s): University of Regina Faculty of Arts |
    University of Regina Provost's Office

    May 30, 2018 | 06:00pm to 07:59pm


Please visit us often as we continue to update the various sections of our online conference programme.

All Sessions - June 01 2018

Day 3 - Session 11 (08:45 am - 10:15 am)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A15(a)Canadian PoliticsTerritorial Politics and Canada's Indigenous PeoplesJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 418
Room ID: 15735
A15(b)Canadian PoliticsRoundtable: The Role of Political Scientists in ElectionsJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 316
Room ID: 15744
B15Comparative PoliticsForeign Policy and Foreign InterventionJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 305 Room ID:15734
C15(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsWorkshop: Teaching International Relations with and Through Popular CultureJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 312 Room ID:15772
C15(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsBorders, Walls, and RefugeesJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 313 Room ID:15736
C15(c)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsBusiness and International GovernanceJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 435 Room ID:15771
D15Law and Public PolicyPractices and Representations at the Intersection of Law and Public Policy: the Case of MinoritiesJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 345 Room ID:15737
E15Local and Urban PoliticsLocal Elections and VotingJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 407 Room ID:15738
F15Political Behaviour/SociologyParties and Politicians in Political CommunicationJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 420 Room ID:15759
G15Political EconomyAuthor-Meets-Critic: Unions in CourtJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 434 Room ID:15743
H15Political TheoryAristotle, Machiavelli, Hobbes: New InsightsJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 410 Room ID:15739
J15Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondRoundtable: Mapping and Assessing IGR - The Place of Municipalities in Canada's Federal UnionJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 408 Room ID:15769
K15CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationWorkshop: Innovations in Policy Design: Nudges and Beyond (1)Jun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 317 Room ID:15768
M15Teaching and Professional PracticeRoundtable: Career Development for PhD StudentsJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 431 Room ID:15742
N15Women, Gender, and PoliticsGender, Diversity and FederalismJun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 417 Room ID:15740

Day 3 - Business and Committee Meetings (08:30 am - 09:30 am)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S15Business and Committee MeetingsCPSA Board of Directors - Orientation Session / Conseil d’administration de l’ACSP - Orientation Jun 108:30am to 09:30amClassroom - CL 125
Room ID: 15774

Day 3 - Business and Committee Meetings (08:45 am - 10:15 am)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S15Business and Committee Meetings2019 CPSA Programme Committee / Comité du programme 2019Jun 108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 127
Room ID: 15780

Day 3 - Business and Committee Meetings (09:30 am - 12:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S15Business and Committee Meetings(New) CPSA Board of Directors / (Nouveau) Conseil d’administration de l’ACSP Jun 109:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 125
Room ID: 15774

Day 3 - Coffee Break (10:15 am - 10:30 am)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom

Day 3 - Session 12 (10:30 am - 12:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A17(a)Canadian PoliticsRights and the Judicial BranchJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 232
Room ID: 15735
A17(b)Canadian PoliticsCanadian Political Development in Comparative PerspectiveJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 316
Room ID: 15744
B17Comparative PoliticsDemocratic Governance and DevelopmentJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom — CL 435 Room ID:15771
C17(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsEconomic and Trade PartnershipsJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 312 Room ID:15772
C17(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsIssues in Humanitarian PoliticsJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 431 Room ID:15736
D17Law and Public PolicyHearts and Minds: Ideas and Public PolicyJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 345 Room ID:15737
E17Local and Urban PoliticsPolicy and Governance in Canada's CitiesJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 407 Room ID:15738
F17Political Behaviour/SociologyMedia Coverage of Politics IJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 434 Room ID:15743
G17Political EconomyGovernment Programs and Services (or the lack thereof)Jun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 420 Room ID:15741
H17Political TheoryOlder Voices, Current ProblemsJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 410 Room ID:15739
J17Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondDynamics of Provincial and Federal Political InstitutionsJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 408 Room ID:15769
K17CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationWorkshop: Innovations in Policy Design: Nudges and Beyond (2)Jun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 317 Room ID:15768
L17Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsFraming IdentitiesJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 418 Room ID:15770
N17Women, Gender, and PoliticsWomen as Provincial and Territorial LeadersJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 417 Room ID:15740
R17Special EventsPlenary Roundtable: TBDJun 110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 127 Room ID:15780

Day 3 - Session 13 (Lunch / Déjeuner) (12:00 pm - 01:30 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A18Canadian PoliticsRoundtable: Author Meets Audience - Richard Johnston and The Canadian Party System: An Analytic HistoryJun 112:00pm to 01:30pmClassroom - CL 305
Room ID: 15734
H18Political TheoryWater and the Canadian ExperienceJun 112:00pm to 01:30pmClassroom - CL 410 Room ID:15739
M18Teaching and Professional PracticeThree Minute Thesis Competition (Finals)Jun 112:00pm to 01:30pm

Day 3 - Session 14 (01:30 pm - 03:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A19(a)Canadian PoliticsPolitical Communication, the Media, and Public OpinionJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 232
Room ID: 15735
A19(b)Canadian PoliticsPublic PolicyJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 316
Room ID: 15744
B19Comparative PoliticsMedia, Elections and CampaignsJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 305 Room ID:15734
C19(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsTechnology, Security and GenderJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 312 Room ID:15772
C19(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsSpecial Topics in IR: Colonialism and ImperialismJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 313 Room ID:15736
E19Local and Urban PoliticsPolicy Coordination and Local Public AdministrationJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 407 Room ID:15738
F19Political Behaviour/SociologyMedia Coverage of Politics IIJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 434 Room ID:15743
H19Political TheoryRoundtable: In or Out? Unity and Exclusion in Canadian PoliticsJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 410 Room ID:15739
L19Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsDecolonizing ReconciliationJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 418 Room ID:15770
M19Teaching and Professional PracticeRoundtable: Women's Caucus: Gendered Differences and the Slow Movement in AcademiaJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 431 Room ID:15742
N19Women, Gender, and PoliticsRepresentations of WomenJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 417 Room ID:15740
R19Special EventsSpecial Roundtable I: PublishingJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 435 Room ID:15771
R19Special EventsSpecial Roundtable I: PublishingJun 101:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 408 Room ID:15769

Day 3 - Business and Committee Meetings (01:30 pm - 02:30 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S19Business and Committee Meetings2019 Programme Chair, 2019 Local Arrangements Coordinator & CPSA Officers Meeting / Réunion du président du comité du programme 2019, du responsable de l'organisation des lieux 2019 et les dirigeants de l'ACSPJun 101:30pm to 02:30pm

Day 3 - Coffee Break (03:00 pm - 03:15 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom

Day 3 - Session 15 (03:15 pm - 04:45 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
B21Comparative PoliticsThe Politics of Belonging and ExclusionJun 103:15pm to 04:45pmClassroom - CL 305 Room ID:15734
C21CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsViolent Extremism and TerrorismJun 103:15pm to 04:45pmClassroom - CL 313 Room ID:15736
H21Political TheorySex, Embodiment, IdentityJun 103:15pm to 04:45pmClassroom - CL 410 Room ID:15739
M21Teaching and Professional PracticeWorkshop 'Let's Give Them Something to Talk About'Jun 103:15pm to 04:45pmClassroom - CL 431 Room ID:15725

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