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R10 - Should the CJPS/RCSP Become an Open Access Journal?

Date: Jun 5 | Heure: 10:30am to 12:00pm | Location:

Chair/Président/Présidente : Martin Papillon (Chair, Joint CPSA-SQSP Committee on the Impact of Open Access on the CJPS [OA-CJPS Committee] | Président du Comité mixte ACSP-SQSP sur l'impact du libre accès sur la RCSP [Comité LA-RCSP - Montréal)

Mélanie Bourque (CJPS French Language Co-editor - Member OA-CJPS Committee | Codirectrice francophone RCSP – membre Comité LA-RCSP – UQO Saint-Jérôme)
Chris Robinson (Editor, Journals/Éditeur, Revues - Cambridge University Press)
Alex Marland (Member OA-CJPS Committee | Membre Comité LA-RCSP - Memorial University)
Brenda O’Neill (CJPS English Language Co-editor - Member OA-CJPS Committee | Codirectrice anglophone RCSP – membre Comité LA-RCSP - University of Calgary)

SSHRC recently changed the requirements for applying to its Aid to Scholarly Journals program, one that the Canadian Journal of Political Science/Revue canadienne de science politique has regularly relied on for funding. These changes require that journals move to an open access platform by 2021 to receive grant monies. In light of these changes, the CPSA established a committee to investigate open access and the implications of its adoption for the CJPS/RCSP, and ultimately to make a recommendation to the Boards of the CPSA and SQSP on how to proceed. This panel provides an opportunity for the committee to present the findings of its preliminary report and to obtain feedback from the Association’s members.

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