Session: F4(a) - Institutional Constraints on and Facilitation of Democratic Representation III
Date: 2013-06-04
Time: 13:30:00 to 15:00:00
Room: Clearihue Building A316

Section: Political Behaviour/Sociology / Comportement politique/sociologie

Chair/Président: Mark Pickup (Simon Fraser University)

Discussant/Commentateur - 1: William Jacoby (Michigan State University)

Discussant/Commentateur - 2: Fred Cutler (University of British Columbia)

Participants & Authors/Auteurs:

Mark Franklin (Massachussets Institute of Technology), Christopher Wlezien (Temple University), Christine Arnold (University of Maastricht) : The Deaf Leading the Blind? Public Opinion and European Union Policy-Making

William Jacoby (Michigan State University), Saundra Schneider (Michigan State University) : Are Americans "Intuitive Federalists"?

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