Session: F6(b) - The Impact of Gender and Gender Stereotypes
Date: 2013-06-05
Time: 08:45:00 to 10:15:00
Room: Clearihue Building D131

Section: Political Behaviour/Sociology / Comportement politique/sociologie

Chair/Présidente: Lisa Lambert (University of Calgary)

Discussant/Commentatrice: Brenda O'Neill (University of Calgary)

Participants & Authors/Auteurs:

Antoine Bilodeau (Concordia University), Stephen White (Concordia University) : Between Here and There? Pre-Migration Socialization and Newcomers' Views on the Role of Women in Society

Amanda Bittner (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant (Queen's University) : Understanding the Impact of 'Gender' in Election Studies

Dietlind Stolle (McGill University), Delia Dumitrescu (Université de Montréal), Elisabeth Gidengil (McGill University) : Gender and Electoral Communication: How Differences in Non-verbal and Verbal Behavior Lead to Different Evaluations of Male and Female Politicians

Melanee Thomas (University of Calgary), Jason Roy (Wilfrid Laurier University), Shane Singh (University of Georgia, Athens) : Assessing the Impact of Candidate Sex on Vote Choice: To 'Affinity' and Beyond!

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