Session: K5 - Roundtable: Governing the Social Dimension in Canadian Federalism and European Integration
Date: 2013-06-04
Time: 15:15:00 to 16:45:00
Room: Campus View Room, Cadboro Commons

Section: Public Administration / Administration publique

Chair/Présidente: Donna Wood (University of Victoria)

Participants & Authors/Auteurs:

Amy Verdun (University of Victoria)
Donna Wood (University of Victoria)

This roundtable provides an opportunity to review how the European Union manages multi-level governance across its 27 member states and assess whether there might be ideas to improve Canada’s often fractious intergovernmental relationships. Seven researchers will share their ideas: Thomas Hueglin, Sir Wilfrid Laurier University; Rachel Laforest, Queen’s University; Patrik Marier, Concordia University; Julie Simmons, University of Guelph, Heather Millar, University of Toronto; Herman Bakvis, University of Victoria and Donna Wood, University of Victoria. Their contributions plus those of four other scholars have been gathered into a special themed issue of Canadian Public Administration June 2013 Volume 56 No.2. The roundtable will be followed by a reception to "launch" the journal.

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