Séances: H15 - Deconstructing the Discipline II: Critical Analyses
Date: 2013-06-06
Heure: 15:15:00 to 16:45:00
Salle: Clearihue Building D132

Section: Political Theory / Théorie politique

Chair/Président: Jarrad Reddekop (Western University)

Discussant/Commentateur: Terry Maley (York University)

Participants & Authors/Auteurs:

Vaughan Lyon (Trent University) : Treading Water: The Democracy "Industry" and Neglected Citizens

Simeon Mitropolitski (Université de Montréal) : How Much Eclectic and Opportunistic is Modern Political Science?

Jonathan Tomm (University of British Columbia) : Deliberation in Anarchy: Communicative Trust-building outside the State

Frances Widdowson (Mount Royal University) : 'Decolonizing Political Theory': Exploring the Implications of Advocacy for Political Science

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