CPSA 2015 Annual Conference Programme

Canadian Political AScience Association


June 2-4, 2015
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

Development Fund



The Development Fund was established in 2010 by the CPSA Board of Directors to advance political science in Canada. Up until 2012, the CPSA received a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to assist students and junior scholars to attend the annual conference. Sadly, this funding is no more. Since 2013, their participation depends on the voluntary contributions from CPSA members who donate to the Development Fund and all donations are destined exclusively to travel grants. The fund is administered by the CPSA Board of Directors.

Individuals can support the Development Fund by contributing to the annual campaign, donating shares of royalties and making bequests from their estate. Tax receipts are provided for all contributions. Donors are listed on our Web site unless requested otherwise.

To Make a Donation


2015 Donors
Frances Abele, Ed Andrew, Mira Bachvarova, David J. Baugh, Colleen Bell, Loleen Berdahl, Laurence Bhérer, David Black, Gerard Boychuk, Leah Bradshaw, Siobhan Byrne, Alain Cairns, Robert Campbell, Robert Campbell, R Kenneth Carty, Nadine Changfoot, Alex Chung, Christopher Cochrane, Daniel Cohn, Tchawa Zainab Coulibaly, John Courtney, William Cross, William Cross, Carol Dauda, Carol Dauda, Cristine de Clercy, Don Desserud, Donald A. Desserud, Rita Kaur Dhamoon, Mark O. Dickerson, Robert Johnston Drummond, Patrick Fafard, Patrick Fafard, Barbara J. Falk, Fred Fletcher, Stella Gaon, Randall Germain, Kristin Good, James I. Gow, Peter Graefe, Ellen Gutterman, Lois Harder, Kathryn Harrison, Laura Janara, Carolyn Johns, Richard Johnston, Loren King, Veronica Kitchen, Simon Kow, Simon Kow, Gerald Kristianson, Chris Kukucha, Guy Laforest, David H. Laycock, Christopher Leo, Christopher Leo, Willem Maas, Michael MacMillan, Rianne Mahon, Patrik Marier, Iryna Matiyenko, John Scott Matthews, Loralea Michaelis, Eric Mintz, Janice Newton, Kim Nossal, Kim Richard Nossal, Brenda O'Neill, Leslie Pal, Martin Papillon, Louis W. Pauly, Sorpong Peou, Maryna Polataiko, Tracey Raney, David Rayside, Andrew M. Robinson, Jonathan Rose, Christine Rothmayr, Jason J. Roy, Peter H. Russell, F. Leslie Seidle, Byron M. Sheldrick, Robert Patrick Shepherd, Richard Skelton, Tamara A. Small, Bruce Smardon, Peter (Jay) Smith, Supanai Sookmark, Michael Stein, Tracy Summerville, Lisa Sundstrom, Neil R. Thomlinson, Erin Tolley, Fanny Rose Tremblay-Racicot, Luc Turgeon, Luc Turgeon, Debora VanNijnatten, Valerie Vézina, Jill Vickers, Jim Walz, Ann Ward, Ann Marie Ward, Lee Ward, Robert J. Williams, Lisa Young, Mark Zschoch

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