2017 Canadian Political Science Association

Annual Conference Programme

Ryerson University
  Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences: May 27 - June 2
  The CPSA conference dates within Congress are Tuesday, May 30 to Thursday, June 1.

All members are invited to attend the
2017 Annual General Meeting to be held on
May 31, 2017 at Ryerson University.

Time: 01:00pm to 02:00pm | Location: HEI-201 (Heidelberg Centre)

May 31, 2017

Time: Cocktails available at 6:00 pm; Dinner from 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm |
   Location: Dim Sum King (421 Dundas Street West, Toronto)


Special Sessions

IDEvent NameDateTimeRoomiCal
Q1Pre-conference Workshop: The Future of Surveys: Challenges and Opportunities (see/voir A0(i), A0(ii), A0(iii), A0(iv), F0(i), F0(ii), F0(iii), F0(iv))May 2911:00am to 04:45pmVivian and David Campbell Conference Facility, South House, University of Toronto 1 Devonshire Place
Q2Deconsolidation Panels - May 30 - June 1May 3008:45am to 03:30pmSee link / voir lien
Q3Confederation @ 150 Panels - May 30 - June 1May 3008:45am to 03:30pmSee link / voir lien
Q4No session / Aucune séanceMay 3012:00pm to 01:30pm
Q5Presidential Address / Discours présidentiel: Narrating Canadian Political Science: Toward a Revisionist HistoryMay 3005:00pm to 06:00pmTRS1-067 (Ted Rogers School of Management)
Q6Keynote Roundtable: Place Matters (see/voir B6(c), E6)May 3108:45am to 10:15amKHS-251 (Kerr Hall South)
Q7Plenary: Brexit, Trump and the Rise of Radical Right Populism in the West: Is Democracy Threatened? (see/voir B7, F7)May 3110:30am to 12:00pmHEI-201 (Heidelberg Centre)
Q8National Public Consultation Organization Meeting on Globalization and Trade AgreementsMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmVIC-304 (Victoria Building)
Q9Roundtable: Explaining the 2016 US Election (see/voir B9(c), F9(b), L9(b))May 3102:00pm to 03:30pmKHS-251 (Kerr Hall South)
Q10 Confederation @ 150: Roundtable Plenary - CPSA Truth and Reconciliation Committee Roundtable (TRC Workshop) - Ensuring that the TRC is a Program of Action: The CPSA Reconciliation Committee's Plan and the Discipline (see/voir G10, K10, L10)May 3103:45pm to 05:15pm HEI-201 (Heidelberg Centre)
Q11Lunch / Déjeuner: Plenary Roundtable: Trumpization of Canada: Can It Happen Here? (see/voir A13, B13, F13, L13)Jun 112:00pm to 01:30pmHEI-201 (Heidelberg Centre)