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    Canadian Political Science Association
    2018 Annual Conference Programme

    Politics in Uncertain Times
    Hosted at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan
    Wednesday, May 30 to Friday, June 1, 2018
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    Presidential Address
    - The Charter’s Influence on Legislation -
    - Political Strategizing about Risk -

    Wednesday, May 30, 2018 | 05:00pm to 06:00pm
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    Departmental Reception
    Department of Politics and
    International Studies

    Sponsor(s): University of Regina Faculty of Arts |
    University of Regina Provost's Office

    May 30, 2018 | 06:00pm to 07:59pm

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IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
R01Special EventsWorkshop - Session 1 : The Role of Scholarly Associations in Advancing Reconciliation – What Can Be Done?May 3009:00am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 127 Room ID:15776
R03Special EventsWorkshop - Session 2 : The Role of Scholarly Associations in Advancing Reconciliation – What Can Be Done?May 3010:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 127 Room ID:15776
R04Special EventsPlenary Keynote: From Woke to Free: Policing Black Lives, Abolition and Black Feminist FuturesMay 3012:00pm to 01:30pmClassroom CL 127 Room ID:15776
R05Special EventsRoundtable: Public Engagement by Political ScientistsMay 3001:30pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 127 Room ID:15776
R07(a)Special EventsPresidential Address / Discours présidentiel: The Charter’s Influence on Legislation. Political Strategizing about Risk.May 3005:00pm to 06:00pmEducation Auditorium - EA 106
Room ID: 15678
R07(b)Special EventsReception/Réception: Department of Politics and International Studies, University of ReginaMay 3006:00pm to 07:30pmInnovation Place - 10R (the Terrace)
R07(c)Special EventsCPSA Women’s Caucus Mixer and Networking Event / Rencontre amicale et séance de réseautage du Caucus des femmesMay 3007:00pm to 10:00pm20ten City Eatery
R08Special EventsRoundtable: Publishing in Different FormsMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 127 Room ID:15778
R10(a)Special EventsSpecial Roundtable: Chiefs of StaffMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 127 Room ID:15780
R10(b)Special EventsRoundtable: Navigating Open AccessMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 431 Room ID:15725
R12Special EventsPlenary Keynote: The Good Parliament: Reflections on Being a Feminist Change Actor at WestminsterMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom CL 127 (15778)
R14(a)Special EventsUniversity of Regina President’s Reception for CPSA Delegates / Réception de la rectrice de la University of Regina pour les congressistes de l’ACSPMay 3105:00pm to 07:00pmCentre for Kinesiology – CK 122
R14(b)Special EventsCPSA President’s Dinner / Dîner de la présidente de l’ACSPMay 3106:00pm to 10:30pmDoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre Regina (1975 Broad Street, Regina)
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