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    Canadian Political Science Association
    2018 Annual Conference Programme

    Politics in Uncertain Times
    Hosted at the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan
    Wednesday, May 30 to Friday, June 1, 2018
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    Presidential Address
    - The Charter’s Influence on Legislation -
    - Political Strategizing about Risk -

    Wednesday, May 30, 2018 | 05:00pm to 06:00pm
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    Departmental Reception
    Department of Politics and
    International Studies

    Sponsor(s): University of Regina Faculty of Arts |
    University of Regina Provost's Office

    May 30, 2018 | 06:00pm to 07:59pm


Please visit us often as we continue to update the various sections of our online conference programme.

All Sessions - May 31 2018

Day 2 - Session 6 (08:45 am - 10:15 am)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A08(a)Canadian PoliticsNativist Politics in Parties and PolicyMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 232 Room ID: 15735
A08(b)Canadian PoliticsPolitical Communication, Scandals, and Resignations in the Permanent CampaignMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 232 Room ID: 15718
B08Comparative PoliticsPopulism and Far-Right PartiesMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 435 Room ID:15717
C08(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsWorkshop: Teaching by DesignMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 312 Room ID:15763
C08(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsIssues in War and Military InterventionsMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 313 Room ID:15719
D08Law and Public PolicySupreme CourtMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 345 Room ID:15720
F08Political Behaviour/SociologySociety and the IndividualMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 317 Room ID:15759
G08Political EconomyTrade, Investment, and Borders: Current and Long Run DynamicsMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 420 Room ID:15724
H08Political TheoryFaith, Tolerance, Identity, RevolutionMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 410 Room ID:15722
J08Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondRoundtable: Mapping and Assessing IGR - IGR in Canada and Beyond: Comparing Configurations, Dynamic Patterns, and their ConsequencesMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 408 Room ID:15760
K08CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationRoundtable: Trends in Provincial Executives - In Memory of Chris DunnMay 3108:45am to 10:15amRI 119
L08Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsNationalism, Culture, BelongingMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 418 Room ID:15761
M08Teaching and Professional PracticeWorkshop 'Let's Give Them Something to Talk About'May 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 431 Room ID:15725
N08Women, Gender, and PoliticsMicro-Paper Roundtable: Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities? Gender and Politics Today and TomorrowMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 417 Room ID:15723
P08PostersPoster Sessions - Group 2May 3108:45am to 10:15amLaboratory - LB 142 - Lab Café Room ID:15688
R08Special EventsRoundtable: Publishing in Different FormsMay 3108:45am to 10:15amClassroom - CL 127 Room ID:15778

Day 2 - Coffee Break (10:15 am - 10:30 am)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom

Day 2 - Session 7 (10:30 am - 12:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A10(b)Canadian PoliticsThe Politics of BacklashMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 434 Room ID: 15726
B10Comparative PoliticsResponsiveness and RepresentationMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 305 Room ID:15717
C10CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsRoundtable: Jennifer WelshMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 312 Room ID:15763
D10Law and Public PolicyFederalism and Territorial GovernanceMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 345 Room ID:15720
E10Local and Urban PoliticsAuthor Meets Critics: Carey Doberstein's Network Governance and Homeless Policy-Making in CanadaMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 407 Room ID:15721
F10Political Behaviour/SociologyNationalism, Ethnicity, and ImmigrationMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 317 Room ID:15759
G10(a)Political EconomyLabour & Class: Canadian Conflicts and ConcernsMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 420 Room ID:15724
G10(b)Political EconomySisters in Solidarity: Innovation Within Diverse Financial EconomiesMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmRiddell Centre (RC) 286
H10Political TheoryReconciliation: Colonialism, Imperialism, EngagementMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 410 Room ID:15722
J10Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondRoundtable: Mapping and Assessing IGR - Nation to Nation Relations: Rethinking the Role of Indigenous Peoples as Intergovernmental PartnersMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 408 Room ID:15760
K10CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationWorkshop: Science, Evidence and Policy (1)May 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 316 Room ID:15727
L10Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsIndigenous and Minority Political RepresentationMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 418 Room ID:15761
N10(a)Women, Gender, and PoliticsGender and Public Policy FrameworksMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 417 Room ID:15723
N10(b)Women, Gender, and PoliticsWomen as Provincial and Territorial LeadersMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 313 Room Room ID:15719
R10(a)Special EventsSpecial Roundtable: Chiefs of StaffMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 127 Room ID:15780
R10(b)Special EventsRoundtable: Navigating Open AccessMay 3110:30am to 12:00pmClassroom - CL 431 Room ID:15725

Day 2 - Session 8 (Lunch / Déjeuner) (12:00 pm - 01:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
E11Local and Urban PoliticsRoundtable: David Siegel's Contribution to the Study of Local Government and Public AdministrationMay 3112:00pm to 01:00pmClassroom - CL 418 Room ID:15721
G11Political EconomyCo-operative and Worker-Owned Alternatives to Corporate Academic PublishingMay 3112:00pm to 01:00pmClassroom - CL 305 Room ID:15717
J11Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondMapping and Assessing IGR - Networking LunchMay 3112:00pm to 01:00pmClassroom - CL 232 Room ID:15718
M11Teaching and Professional PracticeThree Minute Thesis Competition (Heat 2)May 3112:00pm to 01:00pmClassroom - CL 435 Room ID:15762
S11(a)Business and Committee MeetingsCPSA Women’s Caucus Meeting / Réunion du caucus des femmes de l’ACSPMay 3112:00pm to 01:00pmClassroom - CL 417 ID:15723

Day 2 - Business and Committee Meetings (01:00 pm - 02:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S11(b)Business and Committee MeetingsCPSA Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l’ACSPMay 3101:00pm to 02:00pmClassroom - CL 110 Room ID: 15778

Day 2 - Business and Committee Meetings (01:00 pm - 01:45 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S11(c)Business and Committee MeetingsE-Voting on site / Vote électronique sur placeMay 3101:00pm to 01:45pmClassroom - CL 110 Room ID: 15778

Day 2 - Business and Committee Meetings (02:00 pm - 03:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S11(d)Business and Committee MeetingsCPSA Board of Directors - Appointment of New Officers / Conseil d’administration de l’ACSP - Désignation des nouveaux dirigeantsMay 3102:00pm to 03:00pmClassroom - CL 427 Room ID: 15793

Day 2 - Session 9 (02:00 pm - 03:30 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A12(a)Canadian PoliticsFederal Leadership RacesMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 345 Room ID: 15720
A12(b)Canadian PoliticsPolitical Discourse in the Digital EraMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 435 Room ID: 15762
B12(a)Comparative PoliticsPolitical Violence and Its AftermathMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 417 Room ID:15723
B12(b)Comparative PoliticsHealth, Wealth and Education: Social and Economic Policies in Welfare StatesMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 232 Room ID:15718
C12(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsIssues in SovereigntyMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 312 Room ID:15763
C12(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsManaging Contested GeographiesMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 313 Room ID:15719
E12Local and Urban PoliticsUrban Innovation in CanadaMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 407 Room ID:15721
F12(a)Political Behaviour/SociologyVotingMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 317 Room ID:15759
F12(b)Political Behaviour/SociologyInstitutions and DemocracyMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 434 Room ID:15726
G12Political EconomyCrisis and Uncertainty: Banking, Finance, and TaxesMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 420 Room ID:15724
H12Political TheoryReconciliation: Indigenizing Settler Institutions?May 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 410 Room ID:15722
J12(a)Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondRoundtable: Mapping and Assessing IGR - Canada's Social UnionMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 408 Room ID:15760
J12(b)Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondIdentity Politics in Quebec and BeyondMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 316 Room ID:15727
K12CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationWorkshop: Science, Evidence and Policy (2)May 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 427 Room ID:15793
L12Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsRoundtable: Rights, Recognition, and Reconciliation in Treaty 8 TerritoryMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom - CL 418 Room ID:15761
R12Special EventsPlenary Keynote: The Good Parliament: Reflections on Being a Feminist Change Actor at WestminsterMay 3102:00pm to 03:30pmClassroom CL 127 (15778)

Day 2 - Coffee Break (03:30 pm - 03:45 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom

Day 2 - Session 10 (03:45 pm - 05:15 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A14Canadian PoliticsCandidates and RepresentativesMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 420 Room ID: 15718
B14(a)Comparative PoliticsMinorities and the StateMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 305 Room ID:15717
B14(b)Comparative PoliticsRoundtable: 20 Years After the Good Friday Agreement: Uncertain Political Futures in Northern Ireland and BeyondMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 434 Room ID:15726
C14(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsForeign Policy IssuesMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 312 Room ID:15763
C14(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsISA-Canada Business MeetingMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 313 Room ID:15719
D14(a)Law and Public PolicyLegal MattersMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 345 Room ID:15720
D14(b)Law and Public PolicyPolicy Transfer, Policy Diffusion and Interjurisdictional Relations in CanadaMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 316 Room ID:15727
E14Local and Urban PoliticsTechnology and Local GovernmentMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 431 Room ID:15721
F14Political Behaviour/SociologyPublic Policy and Decision-makingMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 317 Room ID:15759
H14Political TheoryNarrative Paths to Modernity: Swift, Marx, DarwinMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 410 Room ID:15722
J14Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondRoundtable: Mapping and Assessing IGR - Canada’s Economic (and Monetary) UnionMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 408 Room ID:15760
K14CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationWorkshop: Science, Evidence and Policy (3)May 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 431 Room ID:15725
L14Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsContentious (Identity) PoliticsMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 418 Room ID:15761
N14Women, Gender, and PoliticsGender and StereotypesMay 3103:45pm to 05:15pmClassroom - CL 417 Room ID:15723

Day 2 - Special Events (05:00 pm - 07:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
R14(a)Special EventsUniversity of Regina President’s Reception for CPSA Delegates / Réception de la rectrice de la University of Regina pour les congressistes de l’ACSPMay 3105:00pm to 07:00pmCentre for Kinesiology – CK 122

Day 2 - Special Events (06:00 pm - 10:30 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
R14(b)Special EventsCPSA President’s Dinner / Dîner de la présidente de l’ACSPMay 3106:00pm to 10:30pmDoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre Regina (1975 Broad Street, Regina)

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