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    CPSA Students Caucus Meeting

    2019 Annual Conference - June 4, 2019
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    Workshop: The Official Languages Act at 50
    Le 50e anniversaire de la Loi sur les langues officielles

    2019 Annual Conference - June 4, 2019
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    Reception: Department of Political Science
    University of British Columbia

    2019 Annual Conference - June 4, 2019
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    Canadian Political Science Association
    2019 Annual Conference Programme


    Hosted at the University of British Columbia
    Tuesday, June 4 to Thursday, June 6, 2019
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    Presidential Address:
    François Rocher, CPSA President

    Life and Death of an Issue:
    Canadian Political Science and
    Quebec Politics

    Location: CIRS 1250
    Tuesday, June 4, 2019 | 05:00pm to 06:00pm
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    Keynote: UBCIC Grand
    Chief Stewart Phillip

    Asserting Indigenous
    Title and Rights in 2019

    Location: CIRS 1250
    June 04, 2019 | 10:30am to 12:00pm
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    Keynote Speaker: Wendy Brown
    In the Ruins of Neoliberalism:
    Our Predicaments:
    the Rise of Anti-democratic
    Politics in the West

    Location: CIRS 1250
    Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 02:00pm to 03:30pm
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    Keynote Speaker: Roland Paris
    Canada Alone?
    Surviving in a Meaner World

    Location: CIRS 1250
    Thursday, June 6, 2019 | 10:30am to 12:00pm


Please visit us often as we continue to update the various sections of our online conference programme.

All Sessions - June 05 2019

Day 2 - Session 6 (08:45 am - 10:15 am)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A08(a)Canadian PoliticsQuebec and NationsJun 508:45am to 10:15amCIRS 1141
A08(b)Canadian PoliticsThe Politics of Policing, Crime, and Victimhood in CanadaJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 210
A08(c)Canadian PoliticsGender and Institutions of Canadian DemocracyJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 105
B08Comparative PoliticsWhat Institutions Do to Social Movements and/or Mobilizations?Jun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 110
C08(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsThe Politics of Migration and Frontline DiplomacyJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 221
C08(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsAdvancing Institutionalist Approaches to the Study of Diplomacy and Foreign PolicyJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 308
D08Law and Public PolicyRedistribution and Pre-Distribution: The Politics of Inequality in Canada and BeyondJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 205
E08Local and Urban PoliticsThe City of MigrationJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 106
F08Political Behaviour/SociologyIdentity Politics and Public OpinionJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 107
G08Political EconomyWorkshop: Political Economy of/and/in a Hotter World (1)Jun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 108
H08(a)Political TheoryDemocracy IJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 310
H08(b)Political TheoryMorality and Ethics of CareJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 408
H08(c)Political TheoryJustification and PracticeJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 409
H08(d)Political TheoryRoundtable: Celebrating the Contributions of Philip Resnick: Explorations in Political Theory, Political Economy, Canadian and Comparative PoliticsJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 121
J08Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondMedia and PoliticsJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 206
K08CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationWorkshop: Looking at All Sides of Things and Speaking Truth to People in Public AdministrationJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 410
L08Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsRacial Minority and Indigenous Political RepresentationJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 306
M08(a)Teaching and Professional PracticeEducation and Politics in Momentous TimesJun 508:45am to 10:15amESB 2012
M08(b)Teaching and Professional PracticeRoundtable Series: Teaching and Learning After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Panel 2 of 8 (Joint Workshop)Jun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 405
M08(c)Teaching and Professional PracticeRoundtable Series: Teaching and Learning After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Panel 3 of 8. Thematic Discussion. Unmooring the Komagata Maru - Charting Colonial Trajectories (Joint Workshop)Jun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 307
N08(a)Women, Gender, and PoliticsResilience, Recognition, Vulnerability, Apology: Logics and Politics of Care in Neoliberal CanadaJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 305
N08(b)Women, Gender, and PoliticsSocial Reproduction, Political Economy, and Public PolicyJun 508:45am to 10:15amSWING 208
P08PostersPoster Sessions - Group 2Jun 508:45am to 10:15amESB ATRIUM

Day 2 - Coffee Break (10:15 am - 10:30 am)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom

Day 2 - Session 7 (10:30 am - 12:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A10(a)Canadian PoliticsParliamentary PoliticsJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 308
A10(b)Canadian PoliticsGender and Dominant Ideologies in Canadian DemocracyJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 406
A10(c)Canadian PoliticsCanadian SenateJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 110
B10(a)Comparative PoliticsViolence in PoliticsJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 409
B10(b)Comparative PoliticsPolice Profiling or Discrimination?Jun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 106
C10(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsContemporary Challenges in Armed Conflict I: Identity, Violence and InterventionJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 105
C10(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsBrexit and the Future of European CooperationJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 407
D10(a)Law and Public PolicyCharter PoliticsJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 309
D10(b)Law and Public PolicyRoundtable: Social Policy Change in Canada, Mexico, and the United StatesJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 310
E10Local and Urban PoliticsSanctuary CitiesJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 108
F10(a)Political Behaviour/SociologyGender, Political Participation, and the VoteJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 109
F10(b)Political Behaviour/SociologyWorkshop 12: InformationJun 510:30am to 12:00pmESB 1012
G10Political EconomyRoundtable: Change and Continuity: Canadian Political Economy in the New MillenniumJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 408
H10Political TheoryDemocracy IIJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 107
J10(a)Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondContinuity and Change in Provincial PoliticsJun 510:30am to 12:00pmESB 2012
J10(b)Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondBy-Elections, Political Financing and Public ParticipationJun 510:30am to 12:00pmEOSM 135
K10CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationWorkshop: Looking at All Sides of Things and Speaking Truth to People in Public AdministrationJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 207
L10Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsIndigenous Responses to Extractive Industries: Contemplating Consent, Resistance and ReconciliationJun 510:30am to 12:00pmCIRS 1250
M10(a)Teaching and Professional PracticeRoundtable Series: Teaching and Learning After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Panel 4 of 8 (Joint Workshop)Jun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 405
M10(b)Teaching and Professional PracticeRoundtable Series: Teaching and Learning After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Panel 5 of 8. Thematic Discussion. Historical Research and K-12 Indigenous Curriculum - Knowledge Mobilization, Knowledge Translation, and Capacity Building in Coast Salish Education Initiatives (Joint Workshop)Jun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 307
N10(a)Women, Gender, and PoliticsMedia Frames, Gender, and PoliticsJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 305
N10(b)Women, Gender, and PoliticsMicro-paper Roundtable: Feministing in Political Science: Stories and Strategies from the Front LinesJun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 205
R10Special EventsShould the CJPS/RCSP Become an Open Access Journal?Jun 510:30am to 12:00pmSWING 121

Day 2 - Session 8 (Lunch / Déjeuner) (12:00 pm - 01:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
B11Comparative PoliticsNatural Resource PoliticsJun 512:00pm to 01:00pmSWING 308
C11CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsISA Canada Professional Development Workshop II: Perfecting your Application DossierJun 512:00pm to 01:00pmSWING 105
E11Local and Urban PoliticsRoundtable: Book Event - Zack Taylor’s “Shaping the Metropolis: Institutions and Urbanization in the United States”Jun 512:00pm to 01:00pmSWING 407
M11Teaching and Professional PracticeThree Minute Thesis Competition (Preliminary)Jun 512:00pm to 01:00pmEOSM 135

Day 2 - Business and Committee Meetings05 (12:00 pm - 01:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S11(a)Business and Committee MeetingsCPSA Women’s Caucus Meeting / Réunion du caucus des femmes de l’ACSPJun 512:00pm to 01:00pmCIRS 1151, BC Hydro Theatre

Day 2 - Business and Committee Meetings06 (01:00 pm - 02:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S11(b)Business and Committee MeetingsCPSA Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l’ACSPJun 501:00pm to 02:00pmSwing 122

Day 2 - Business and Committee Meetings07 (01:00 pm - 01:45 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom

Day 2 - Business and Committee Meetings08 (02:00 pm - 03:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
S11(c)Business and Committee MeetingsCPSA Board of Directors - Appointment of New Officers / Conseil d’administration de l’ACSP - Désignation des nouveaux dirigeantsJun 502:00pm to 03:00pmSWING 410

Day 2 - Session 9 (02:00 pm - 03:30 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
A12(a)Canadian PoliticsCanadian Politics 2.0Jun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 308
A12(b)Canadian PoliticsGender and Organizations of Canadian Civil SocietyJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 110
B12Comparative PoliticsZooming In and Zooming Out – Migrants Between Transnational and Domestic PoliticsJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 406
C12(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsSelf-Interests, Coercion, and International Intervention in Conflict ZonesJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 208
C12(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsAmerican Foreign Policy in the Age of Donald TrumpJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 306
D12Law and Public PolicyEnvironmental and Climate Change PolicyJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 210
E12Local and Urban PoliticsTopics in Municipal PoliticsJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmCIRS 1141
F12(a)Political Behaviour/SociologyIdentity Politics and the VoteJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 106
F12(b)Political Behaviour/SociologyWorkshop 12: Voter Decision MakingJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 107
G12Political EconomyRegulatory RegimesJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 408
H12(a)Political TheoryDemocratic Theory IJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmESB 1012
H12(b)Political TheoryCitizenshipJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmEOSM 135
H12(c)Political TheoryAutonomyJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmESB 2012
H12(d)Political TheoryRoundtable: Grounded Normative Theory and Public PolicyJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 305
J12(a)Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondReferenda, Electoral Boundaries and RepresentationJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 409
J12(b)Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondProvincial Program Funding in QuebecJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 206
K12CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationRoundtable: The Public Servant's Role in Canadian Democracy IJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 109
M12Teaching and Professional PracticeRoundtable Series: Teaching and Learning After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Panel 6 of 8. Thematic Discussion. Community-Engaged Teaching and Research in the Age of Reconciliation (Joint Workshop)Jun 502:00pm to 03:30pmSWING 221
R12Special EventsIn the Ruins of Neoliberalism: the Rise of Anti-democratic Politics in the WestJun 502:00pm to 03:30pmCIRS 1250

Day 2 - Coffee Break (03:30 pm - 03:45 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom

Day 2 - Session 10 (03:45 pm - 05:15 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
B14(a)Comparative PoliticsPost-Conflict PolitiesJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 307
B14(b)Comparative PoliticsPolitics in Central EuropeJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 110
C14(a)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsIndigeneity, IR and the Settler Colonial StateJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmESB 2012
C14(b)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsMilitary Intervention and Post-conflict ResolutionJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 406
C14(c)CPSA/ISA-Canada section on International RelationsThe Role of Consumer Preferences in International Economic RelationsJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 106
D14(a)Law and Public PolicyCourts and CanadiansJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 206
D14(b)Law and Public PolicyCourts and GovernmentJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 310
E14Local and Urban PoliticsInnovations in Urban Political ThoughtJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 409
F14(a)Political Behaviour/SociologyParliaments and Parliamentary BehaviorJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 108
F14(b)Political Behaviour/SociologyVoters in Context: Evidence from the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) ProjectJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 208
G14(a)Political EconomyRoundtable: Political Economy of Atlantic CanadaJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 306
G14(b)Political EconomyTeaching Critical Global CompetencyJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmBUCH D325
H14(a)Political TheoryDemocratic Theory IIJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 122
H14(b)Political TheoryComparative Political ThoughtJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 107
H14(c)Political TheoryPolitical Theory, History and EducationJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 210
H14(d)Political TheoryCritical Approaches to LandJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 308
J14Provincial and Territorial Politics in Canada and BeyondPolitics of Pipelines and Climate ChangeJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmESB 1012
K14CPSA/CAPPA section on Public AdministrationRoundtable: The Public Servant's Role in Canadian Democracy IIJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 309
L14(a)Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsA Wrong Turn Down the Rights Alley: The Possibilities and Limitations of Federal 'Recognition' of Indigenous RightsJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 207
L14(b)Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and PoliticsThe Politics of Refugee Policy in Perilous TimesJun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 205
M14Teaching and Professional PracticeRoundtable Series: Teaching and Learning After the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Panel 7 of 8 (Joint Workshop)Jun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 405
N14Women, Gender, and PoliticsDiversifying Political Science: Whose Discipline?Jun 503:45pm to 05:15pmSWING 121

Day 2 - Special Events02 (05:00 pm - 07:00 pm)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
R14(a)Special EventsUniversity of British Columbia President’s Reception for CPSA Delegates / Réception du recteur de la University of British Columbia pour les congressistes de l’ACSPJun 505:00pm to 07:00pmRobert H. Lee Alumni Centre, 6163 University Boulevard, Point Gray Campus

Day 2 - Special Events01 (06:00 pm - 12:00 am)

IDSectionEvent NameDateTimeRoom
R14(b)Special EventsCPSA President’s Dinner / Dîner du président de l’ACSPJun 506:00pm to 12:00amSheraton Vancouver Wall Centre (1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver)

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